Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Energy like rain

I think it's time to expose a small idea for our big world. The kind of idea that one should think of crazy but Future is not so far and who can really predict what will happen ?
Nowadays green Energy creation is one of the most important topic discussed on all the planet. How to generate energy without any pollution, and furthermore the less expensive possible.

Here is the idea:

Why not use the power of the rain ? Yeahh, seems stupid, or at least foolish isn't it ? How can these small tiny drops of water generate energy ?
Could you imagine a system where the fall of the drops could activate a tiny generator ? Imagine this on every house roof, public building or wherever. You can choose between Solar energy or Rain energy, use the power of the monsoon, or tempest.

A recent study from Princeton brings some clear water to this theory. This convert 80% of the energy in electricity.

The future is coming fast !!! And I predict a lot of rain !

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