Friday, February 5, 2010

3D camera

3D camera start to be real.

Sony, and other manufacturer start to make commercial product. And HD is not forgotten. (Source)

Technical Side :

2 x 1920 x 1080 pixels stored as individual files in RAW sequences. DNG format
Weight: 2,8 kg incl. memory cartridge and battery.

Distance between optical axis: 91,5 mm
Colour depth: 12 bit
Mount: IMS,PL or C
FPS: 25 or 30
Built on order.

Other approach for research purpose built Camera Array :

The world record seems to be near 160 lenses !

This model get 158 lenses and be used to study irregular flames.

It took the team a total of six months to finish this monster. The lenses are attached in four rows on the body of the device, which is 7.2cm high and 47cm in diameter. Each lens costs $2.10.

The camera can also shoot 3D pictures of a flame by using CT technology. (Source)

Those camera make me think about camera used in film production and called "Time Tracking Camera" .

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