Friday, January 8, 2010

The tech secret of Microsoft Natal

A new article that you can read on TechRadar give details about how Natal is able to recognize the character pose of the player. It seems that a 50MB of postures have been build from motion capture data. On top of that the input image is analyzed over the database and the more probabilistic posture is kept, a temporary tracking seems be applied after to keep time consistency.

For microsoft a body seems to be cut in 31 recognizable part. So the technology seem to be an upgraded silhouette recognition and tracking.

The announced performance are : Natal recognizes up to 31 different body parts in up to 30fps resolution. It will recognize any pose in 10 milliseconds and it only takes 160 milliseconds to detect a new user that steps in front of the camera.

Some websites announce that use Natal tech make a lag of 100 ms compared to classic controller.

Source : link

Source : link

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