Monday, January 25, 2010

SIGGRAPH 2009 NVIDIA Presentations

If you want of the overview of what Nvidia want to show to developer you have to take a look to those presentation.. It's more marketing slide because they do not compare to other approach... but it's because the slide are corporate one and they do not want to quote ATI stuff...

1. Languages, APIs and Development Tools for GPU Computing  
2. Programming for the CUDA Architecture  
3. Programming in OpenCL  
4. CUDA in the VFX pipeline  
5. Development Tools  
6. The Art of Performance Optimization  
7. Directions in GPU Computing  

You can also see other presentation :

1. Advances In Gpu Based Image Processing,

   With a special interest with corner feature extraction, sift like descriptor and matching, and panoramic  image matching and blending. They do not give detail about the blending method (How many level of laplacian pyramid level they used... We know that a CPU implementation is more efficient for small image size... so does the gain is really impressive at final, or do they use only a Two level blending (High and Low frequency....)

2. 3D Vision Technology - Develop, Design, Play in 3D Stereo
3. Creating Immersive Environments With NVIDIA APEX
4. Alternative Rendering Pipelines on NVIDIA CUDA
5. Efficient Ray Tracing on NVIDIA GPUs (OptiX)
6. Accelerating Realism With the NVIDIA Scene Graph (SceniX)
7. Multi-Layer, Dual-Resolution Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion
8. Real-time Rendering of Efficient Substitutes for Subdivision Surfaces

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