Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

I have discover today a great feature of Visual Studio :

It allow you to open a file according only a part of it's name without parsing the tree project structure.

I.E : You want open the file HistoryEntry.cs but you do not where it is...

Two possible solutions :

  • CTRL+D (Go to the search toolbar)
  • type " > open to" it will automatically purpose you the files of the solution that starts with "h"

 Or open the command window in the bottom :

  • Type "open h " (it will purpose you also the files of the solution that starts with "h".

So you it seems that you can do any command from the command window inside the search toolbar by using the magic ">" character !

Psst : CTRL+G allow you to go to the line number you have choosen.

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