Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Portable 3D loading model Open Source project

Open Asset Import Library is a library that allow to load a larges series of 3D models according the same API.

From the website we could read :

"Assimp aims at providing a full asset conversion pipeline for use in game engines / realtime rendering systems of any kind but is not limited to this audience. 

The library is designed for maximum stability and flexibility. Written in C++, it is available under a BSD license. A pure C API exists, as well as bindings to various other languages, including Python, D and Blitzmax. Assimp loads models into a straightforward data structure for easy processing by your application. Various post processing steps (such as general optimization or computation of extra data like normal or tangent vectors) can be executed on the imported data to suit your needs."

Source : ASSIMP 

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