Friday, August 5, 2011

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer 1.9 (OpenCL)

"AMD has published an update of its tool for OpenCL developers. AMD’s APP KernelAnalyzer is a tool to compile, analyze and disassemble OpenCL, Brook+ or IL (Intermediate Language) kernels for Radeon GPUs. APP SDK v2.5 or greater is required for OpenCL support and ATI Stream 1.4 for Brook+.

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer main features
Compile, analyze and disassemble the OpenCL kernel for multiple Catalyst driver versions and GPU device targets.
View any kernel compilation errors and warnings generated by the OpenCL runtime.
View the AMD Intermediate Language (IL) code generated by the OpenCL run-time.
View the ISA code generated by the AMD Shader Compiler.
View various statistics generated by analyzing the ISA code.
View General Purpose Registers and spill registers allocated for the kernel.

Official page and download: APP KernelAnalyzer @ AMD."

Source Geeks3D

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