Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Read/Write World!

The Read/Write the world project have innovative ideas :

Quoted from

"Today we’re unveiling a major new project in Bing. Technically it’s an indexing, unification, and connection of the world’s geo-linked media. Informally, it’s the magic of:
  • Seeing your photos automatically connected to others;
  • Being able to simply create immersive experiences from your or your friends photos, videos, and panoramas;
  • “Fixing” the world, when the official imagery of your street is out of date;
  • Visually mapping your business, your favorite park, or your real estate for everyone to see;
  • Understanding the emergent information from the density and tagging of media.
The Read/Write World has 3 pillars: Clear Content Rights; Uniform Access and Open Source Viewers; and Real-Time Geo-Services."
Swimming through the Read/Write World from Read/Write World on Vimeo.

 Another interesting talk :


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