Thursday, September 9, 2010

Try glasses with Augmented Reality

"Atol unveiled a new web-based experience offering people to try latest glasses collection “AK Adriana Karembeu”. This augmented reality experience uses Total Immersion D’Fusion@Home and face tracking technology."

The only major problem of such things is that people that need glasses to see things... could not see their head clearly (so it's fashion application product)... An augmented reality that could delete your old glasses and replace them by a new model could be really cool and useful. 

The demo works fine, but the soft could loose the head tracking and so cumulate error and do not be able to set the glasses to the good position over your head. The rendering look a little bit plastic, but the soft could not estimate a environment map by using only the face...

Here the result of my personal tests :

Here we could see that the tracking is lost !

Source : here and here

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