Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Microsoft Natal becomes Kinect

Kinect is the new commercial name of Natal.

Some games will be available will the Kinect release :

Kinectimals : A game similar to EyePet or 3D tamagotchi where you will take care of your tiger. You will can be the animal or the master.

Kinect Sports : Foot, Bowling, Ping pong, Boxing, Beach Volley and more.

Kinect Adventures : A family game.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved : A fitness game with a virtual coach that will try to make you moving and dancing !

Forza 4 : A car simulator game where you will be able to pilot with your hand... Be careful of the arm cramp !

Dance Central  : A dancing game. (Developped by Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band)

I think "This is it" will be able with the Kinect technology also... So the moonwalk will be the next challenge ...

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