Friday, November 20, 2009

Sony plans for 3D support on PS3

Sony is now letting everyone know that the PlayStation 3 will factor into the company’s overall 3D television strategy. How, you might ask, is the PlayStation 3 going to factor into their 3D television strategy?

Well, with a firmware update, of course! All PlayStation 3 consoles will be firmware upgradeable to support 3D televisions in the future. Of course, no one is talking about the fact that besides needing a 3D television to hook your PlayStation 3 to, you also need software content to take advantage of the technology.

The news that Sony is planning 3D support for the PlayStation 3 is an interesting development.

Source FudZilla

My opinion : It will be hard to Sony to support all 3D television, because if they want use auto-stereoscopic display they have many one with different capacity (in term of the number of viewpoint displayed and the user must be at a given distance to see it correctly... it impose to the user to have a correct setup to have the best result...) So, Wait and see !!

Or another possibility is that they will sell 3D glasses (red/green, electronic shutter...)

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